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HISTORY: When I was 8 years old I started writing computer programs in Basic on a Commodore 64 and collected recycled cans and bottles and mowed neighborhood lawns to be able to buy more computer games on cassettes. When I was 12 years old I hated door to door selling so much when raising funds for school projects, I would donate the money I made from collecting the recyclables to the school so that I didn’t have to sell magazines, candy and candles to the neighbors

Helped fund college and first home purchase by investing student loans into Janus and 20th Century mutual funds and an options trading strategy

TODAY, I​ help successful business owners and entrepreneurs including doctors & attorneys, real estate investors, corporate executives, top sales performers in their industry and especially people who are growing & selling successful businesses be able to directly access wealth building strategies previously only available to institutions & the mega wealthy. I don’t feel like I am selling anything because we are delivering valuable services to people who value their time and effective use of their hard earned money.

Brion is now a certified ambassador with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. Brion has  been educating the business community about the opportunity zone program.

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